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Trapping Radio is a podcast for trappers, snare men and modern day Hunter Gathers. We have never charged for the nearly 500 hours of trapping and snaring information we have shared gladly over the years. If you know Clint, he does not beg, because it is a one-sided transaction. Since begging is one-sided and that never works between real men and real women. We are asking for your support for our energy and money we put into putting out all the information weekly you can freely listen to on Trapping Radio.  So, I want to give you more than you give me. This is where the Fur Brigade comes in. We have trap supply dealers, lure and bait makers, content providers and outdoor suppliers giving fur brigade members discounts on the products you are buying already. These discounts will give you more back in savings than you are spending to join the Fur Brigade. Plus, we will be adding exclusive content for members only. This content will never be on YouTube or Trapping Radio. Now, this is very different than asking for a donation, you are on the winning side of this transaction by supporting the work we do at Trapping Radio. As you will see as a member, this is where you will want to come first to get the products you are already buying but now you can save money. Some dealers will give you a straight discount, discounts on certain products or on shipping. An example, you will get 10% off of Predator Control Groups lure, bait, books and DVD’s. You will also get 10% off of Clint’s streaming video Deal at www.howtotrapit.com, a savings of $19.90 and a savings of $29.00 off his business online course at www.growinganewbusiness.com. As you can see, you are about to start keeping more money in your pocket than those that are not members. Think of the Fur Brigade as your personal discount club! Sign up and start your savings!

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Clint Locklear’s Predator Control Group
Dunlap Lures
J3 Outdoors
Trapline Coffee, Official Sponsor of Trapping Radio
Meat Trapper
Funke Trap Tags and Supplies
Southern Snares and Supply
Okie Cable and Trap supplies (coming soon)
H2 Tackle and Outdoors
Bailey’s Trapping Supplies